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Board of Directors

Maru Garcia, Ph.D.

Maru has been acting and directing for over 30 years now. She was born with hip dysplasia which caused her extreme pain for most of her life as well as some physical challenges. In spite of this problem, she obtained a Bachelor’s in Art from UNAM in Mexico City, specializing in directing. During her artistic career, she has had the opportunity to lead and manage Grupo Bochinche in Mexico City as well as The 73rd. Avenue Theatre Company in Westminster, CO and The Wheat Ridge Theatre Company in Wheat Ridge, CO. Maru has participated in more than 100 plays as actor and/or director. She has also had the opportunity to act in a few films and some TV. She obtained her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership in 2019.

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Selena A. Naumoff, MDiv

Selena has a BA in Theatre Arts, has taught theatre classes, directed live productions, and performed in theatre and film. She is active in theatre all over the Denver Metro area and in addition to the Board of WRTC is the Technical Director for the South Suburban Parks and Recs Theatre Department. Stage credits include The Odd Couple (Olive), The Language Archive (Emma), Annie Jr. (Miss Hannigan), Up the Down Staircase (Bea Schacter), and Into the Woods (Lucinda). Film credits include Martha in Evie at Eighteen and an interviewee in Ringers: Lord of the Fans. Selena started as an actor and light technician/ designer; she loves to build props and works with actors and techs of all ages. Selena is an Interfaith minister who works with hospice patients and Holocaust survivors; she brings a diverse religious and spiritual background to the company.

Mellisa Taylor

Mellisa has been involved with community theater off and on throughout her life. She loves the opportunity to interact with others, whether it's as an actor, stage manager or director. She was a member of the Board of Directors for The 73rd. Avenue Theatre Company from 2009 to 2012.

As a kid, Mellisa’s parents tried getting her involved with various dance and sports – all to no avail, due to her spectacular ability to fall and trip over air molecules. A deaf ear, combined with a distinct lack of interest in sports, meant that her efforts were better served in a capacity that didn’t require quite as much balance and coordination. So, they enrolled her in voice lessons in an effort to help her find her talent. Thankfully, it worked! Voice lessons led to musicals, which led to acting… which eventually led to directing with the Wheat Ridge Theatre Company. Mellisa also serves on the Board of Directors at the WRTC, and is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful and incredibly talented group of people.

Jim Hayes

Jim joined the Board of Directors at Wheat Ridge Theatre Company in 2021. Jim brings a unique perspective to the Board after briefly practicing as an attorney in California and then managing law firms in Colorado since the 1980s. He performed with a church dance troupe at churches and conferences. He also choreographed and performed at several weddings. After being diagnosed with Bipolar Type II he decided to help others with mental health issues who couldn’t afford or were afraid of the stigma of seeking psychological help. After some training, he co-founded a church-sponsored 12-step program that supported sex addicts (both gay & straight) as well as substance abuse addicts.

After 37 years of marriage, his wife Michelle passed away. Jim finally came to terms with his sexuality and came out as gay at the age of 57. Five years later Jim became lucky in love again and married Aaron who encouraged Jim to follow his dream of acting. After 2 years of classes at the DCPA Adult Education Program, Jim landed his first acting job in July, 2019 – during the COVID outbreak. He has been acting non-stop ever since. He now usually preforms at WRTC and can been seen monthly at the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Shows held at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Denver.

Kim Hightower

Kim is an independent marketing and communications consultant who lives and works in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from Iowa State University. As a student of improv, Kim loves to find the funny in life.

Having lived in Hawaii, Germany, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, Kim is an individual melting pot of cultures, languages, lifestyles and world friendships that are the gifts that the children of military families receive in exchange for being moved every two years. 18 years of continuously stepping into a new life was like performing on a new stage without a script – exciting, terrifying, and often hilarious!

As in her previous board experience, Kim is serving the Wheat Ridge Theatre Company in a marketing capacity to bring together new connections, build relationships with the theatre, and, ultimately, strengthen the Wheat Ridge community.

Monica Toole

Monica acted, sang, and performed through her formative years. As an adult, she explored other interests, and became a public high school teacher where she taught English, History, and Musical Theater. She is an avid traveler and speaks French. Monica is also now learning to speak Mohican to help the effort to revive indigenous culture and teach her children about their ancestral heritage.

Monica’s long and winding road eventually led her to study law. She was a Law Fellow to former US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, and clerked at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania. She has been committed to serving marginalized communities for her entire career and has practiced as an indigent criminal defender in California and Colorado since 2009 and manages her own law firm. Monica also volunteers in the local, secular community and runs an all-inclusive, alternative scouting program, Secular Scouts, and is Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for the Secular Hub in Denver. She and her husband raise their four children in Wheat Ridge.

With the support of her family, Monica found her way back to the stage several years after moving to Colorado. She continues to indulge her passion by acting locally. She hopes her varied experience and volunteer work can positively contribute to a continued focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the theatre community, and help create a vibrant and thriving local arts culture.

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Sina Hirsch

Sina has been involved with theater for over 30 years. She has experience in a variety of performance genres, including musical theater, children’s theater, improvisational comedy, and Shakespeare. She has initiated and facilitated programs for children’s summer workshops and after-school theater enrichment programs. Her most recent performances include Cyrano de Bergerac (WRTC), To Be ORE Not To Be (Till Death Do Us Party), Information For Foreigners (WRTC), The Little Mermaid Cocktail Experience (Fever Productions), Fuente Ovejuna with RRCC Theater, Perfect, Mother (WRTC), Moon Drops with the Jersey City Theater Center New Play Festival, and Fiddler on the Roof (Ovations West Theatre).  She was both Director and Music Director for Frozen, Jr. last year (Factory Five Five), and is the Director and Creator of Some Assembly Required Improv. She loves introducing people to theater and is privileged to serve on the Wheat Ridge Theatre Company’s Board.

dan headsot.jpg

Dan Marquardt

Geri Crawley

Geri vividly recalls fun evenings with her mom watching old black and white films.  From classic noirs to westerns to swashbucklers, they would pick a character and try reciting every line in the movie or imitate a style that would have made the actor proud.  Today Geri continues developing and honing her own flair in the arena she loves so well.  “If Scottie could see me now.” 

Geri holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts with a minor in English/Writing Concentration.  Besides a love of stage combat (“I don’t do much of that anymore!”), Geri is honored to have performed with some of Denver’s most gifted talents in both comedy and drama stage productions, some local films; and as a voice-over talent.  When directing, Geri utilizes a keen eye for detail and a fierce passion for giving life to each vision.  For her, that is most rewarding.  Says Geri:  “Whether in front of or behind the curtain, if I can bring an audience to joy and laughter, plant a positive thought, or cause one to pause and ponder the possibilities, then my task has been fulfilled.” 

Participating as a member of the Board of Directors is by invitation only.  If you are interested in being considered to participate please send us an email with a Letter of Interest.  All applications will be considered.

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