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Drive Thru Theater

Drive Thru Theater is theater done in Parking lots in which audience is able to see one complete play in 30 minutes with the actors performing around the car.  Each audience member gets a unique interactive experience as the actors are able to connect with the audience while keeping socially distanced.

Drive Thru theater came as a response to the pandemic as a way to continue doing theater while keeping audiences and actors safe. 

Actors  act around the cars. The plays are presented in 5 minutes increments one car at a time. Each car spends 5 minutes in each “station” with a total of 6 stations.

Actors will repeat the same scene 18 times (18 cars allowed per show) every 5 minutes.

The characters are identified by a piece of costume throughout the play.

Actors can be socially distanced from each other as they perform around the car. 


Drive Thru projects

April 2021 - Fuente Ovejuna

                          by Lope de Vega

                          Directed by Maru Garcia

                          Produced by Red Rocks Community Theater

May 2021 - Perfect, Mother

                          by Bradley Nies

                          Directed by Maru Garcia

                          Produced by Wheat Ridge Theatre Company

June 2021 - Skullduggery

                          by Christina Hamlett

                          Directed by Maru Garcia

                          Produced by Firehouse Theater Company

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For more information about Drive Thru theater please contact Maru Garcia at

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