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Wheat Ridge Theatre Company 

Announces Auditions for TRIUMPH OF LOVE

Book: James Magruder | Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead | Music: Jeffrey Stock

Directed by Alex Romberg

Choreography by Lauren Russell


A farcical, gender-bending romp of a musical in which a princess falls in love with the man that is arranged to assassinate her to reclaim the throne for his family. To win his heart, she disguises herself and her lady’s maid as men, and along the way she ends up seducing his philosophizing uncle…and his philosophizing aunt. It’s up to her and the help of her maid, a harlequin and a gardener to untangle the mess to help find everyone’s happily ever after. 


Roles Available:

Agis (Ah-JHEES) - A student of reason. Destined to be the returner of Sparta to his family's reign. Puts thoughts before emotion until he falls head over heels for the disguised Princess Leonide.

Gender: Presents Male

Age: 20 to 25

Vocal range top: A5 / Vocal range bottom: E3


Hesione (Hez-EYE-uh-nee) - Agis's aunt. A stern philosopher who, until she is wooed by a disguised Princess Leonide, has little time for emotions or flattery after having her heart broken as a young girl.

Gender: Presents Female

Age: 40 to 55

Vocal range top: F5 / Vocal range bottom: E3


Harlequin - The valet. Quick, clowning, and smart. Fancies himself a Casanova. Scheming, but with mostly good intentions. He falls in love and lusts after Corine.

Gender: Presents Male

Age: 30 to 40

Vocal range top: B5 / Vocal range bottom: E3


Dimas (Dee-MAHS) - The gardener. Grumpy and lewd, but an obedient and honorable worker to Hermocrates and Hesione. Lusts after Corine.

Gender: Presents Male

Age: 30 to 40

Vocal range top: A5 / Vocal range bottom: F3


Hermocrates (Her-MOCK-ruh-tees) - A philosopher. Hesione's brother. A powerful, forbidding intellectual tyrant. Thinks emotions are a waste of time until he falls in love with the disguised Princess Leonide.

Gender: Male

Age: 50 to 65

Vocal range top: F5 / Vocal range bottom: G3


Princess Leonide (LEY-uh-need)- She is strong, clever, quick, and hopelessly in love with Agis. Disguises herself as several different people in order to have the opportunity to win his love.

Gender: Female

Age: 18 to 24

Vocal range top: G5 / Vocal range bottom: F3


Corine (Co-REEN)- Princess Leonide's maid servant. Flirty and brassy. She is a good servant, but also very much looks out for herself and has her own agenda. The only character who truly can't be bothered with love.

Gender: Presents Female

Age: 30 to 40

Vocal range top: G5 / Vocal range bottom: G3


Compensation: $30 per performance. Rehearsals are not paid. 


Audition Dates: Saturday, November 4 form 5 to 9 pm

Callback: Sunday, November 12 from 5 to 9 pm 


Address: 5455 w 38th Ave Unit  J, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Sign up for an audition at:


Show will open on February 2nd, 2024 and runs through February 18 with shows on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sundays at 2:30.  Industry Night will be on February 15.


Rehearsals will begin the week after Thanksgiving (11/27/23) through January 31st with a break the week of Christmas (12/25/23-1/1/24). Exact dates based on cast availability but will take place evenings Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays during the day. 


Please prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue and 32 bars of a song similar to the style of the show. We don’t have an accompanist at this time, so please bring a backing track you can play on your mobile device or plan to sing a capella. 

Performers in each group will showcase their monologues and songs in front of each other and then learn a dance combo together. 

Group slots will be every 30 minutes with a maximum of 5 people per group.

If you can’t make auditions, we will accept video submissions at until 9:00pm on November 4th. 

Please reach out to that email address if you have accessibility needs or any other questions.

Callbacks will take place Sunday, November 12th 4:30-8pm

WRTC encourages diversity in all forms. We welcome people of any gender, ethnicity, size, physical abilities, and acting experience to come audition.

WRTC follows Colorado Theatre Standards.

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